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Did you think there was only one? Well, think again. Digital marketing is much more complex than everyone has you thinking. Many of our clients confuse marketing with advertising. When we say internet marketing we sure do not mean giving tons of money to a digital campaign that will work for them only as long as they feed the beast. This means as long as they give money to big companies such as Google and Facebook.

Sure you will want to have an ads campaign to boost the whole marketing effort, but that’s it… complementary.

Digital marketing is a process that puts your company in the eyes of your clients. That means that you must think like them, give them what they need, and show them why they need you, your services, or your products. Not only with advertising but with a way that will answer the questions they may have. In order to do this, you are expected to know your customers and care for them.

Only then they will understand that you are better for them and the search engines will understand who usually are, how and where to show you.

How are you going to do it? Which are the 4 types of digital marketing.

Content Marketing

It’s self-explanatory, it means what it says. Content. But with content, we do not only mean text.

Content is:

  • Text ( articles, blog posts, text at your website, text with references to you or your company)
  • Videos (company videos, social videos, lives, interviews)
  • Photos (well any photo that can refer to you)
  • Graphics (all the social media creatives, your logo, infographics, posters)
  • Audio files (podcasts, interviews)

Anything that has context and is digital, of course, should refer to you in some way. All the content should have e reference to your main website in order to do the work you need it to do. Just putting content out there that is not connected, might work, but not as planned. When creating content there are 2 major things you should consider

  1. What will it be the context?
  2. How often?

Well, the answer is 1. Always according to your keyword research and 2. Not every day but not once a month either. 

There are tricks on how to create great content without draining yourself or your resources… but that is another post…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is not something that you do only to your website. Any content that you put out on the web must be SEO optimised in order to work towards our goal. What is your goal? Well, you have to have one and you have to have made detailed keyword research to support that goal. 

SEO in fact is the way to present your content in the way your clients want you to. We do not optimise the content for the search engines we do it for the people that search in these engines. The search engines optimise themselves for the people that search, they are their clients, so they need to understand what people want and what is the best content related to what each one searches. 

So we go to our tools and research to find according to our services and products what people look for, and what they search keyword based. We do not look for 5 keywords, we look for over 100, we do not look for words, we look for phrases, for questions, for anything. For example, the keyword for this post is “4 Types of Digital Marketing”.

There are many tools that can help you optimise your content, but what you need to have in mind is that it does not just matter what you say but what others say about you. And by others, we mean other websites, social content and anything that points back to you.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is the paid ads part of the deal. Never forget that search engines are private companies. You can SEO all you want but the paid go over you every time. And how many times the clients see you count a lot.

We are not just targeting one spot on the first page of searches, we target any spot we can get. And the paid sots are in the mix.

Our paid content, in order to work, has to have great quality and be optimised in order to work best and cost less. We use targets based on keyword research as well. Our strategy, goals and keywords are the base of everything we do.

It must be obvious by now that Content Marketing, SEO and SEM go together. One completes the other, they are like ingredients of the same recipe if one is missing… well you will eat but you ain’t going to like it.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

By social media, we mean all the social, new and old. We mean LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, Twitter, Tik Tok,  Yelp, Tripadvisor and many more.

Are you scared yet?

Great, now you understand the concept. Here too there are basic questions to ask. 

  1. Where 
  2. How often
  3. What

Let’s see. 1. Where your clients are, 2. Not every day but not once every month either and 3 not good mornings, goodnights, but content that shows that you care about your clients, content that your clients are interested in digesting.

  Work with the flow. Understand what the platform needs, and what works best and build content based on that. Always keep in mind that they are social media platforms, which means that you can show off all you want but unless you interact and give value to others you do not have value yourself.

Your strategy, goals and keyword research are the base here as well.

We already have talked about the ecosystem that your internet presence is, and we have talked about parts and theories. Our goal is to educate our clients and the market in general. Our posts are made for people that do not work in the business but want to know what the best practices are. 

Even if we give a company a full plan of what to do it is still a LOT OF WORK and a LOT OF PLANNING to pull a complete marketing campaign off. But the rewards are consistent and measurable. It is not a kids’ game that’s why we made specific plans and packages to help you understand and pick what is best for you. Because we are the best and you deserve us. Just call and we will go from there.

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